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Frequently asked questions

How Durable Are the Rings?

Our rings are actually very strong. Before we transform our wood blanks into our one of a kind rings, we make sure to put them through a vigorous stabilizing process.

When our wood arrives, we put the raw material straight into a vacuum chamber. We then pour a stabilizing agent (a thick epoxy resin) into the vacuum chamber with the wood. Then, using our special equipment, the vacuum chamber is pressurized.

During this time, all the "empty space" inside the wood is filled with this stabilizing agent. That means there's no air pockets inside the wood, what's not wood is epoxy resin. The wood is then baked, removing all excess moisture and hardening the stabilizing agent.

What we're left with is more of a composite than just plain wood; a mixture of wood and resin. This ensures the ring retains its shape through the years, repels moisture, and can withstand greater amounts of force than just normal wood.

After the ring is created from this strong composite, we strength test every ring to ensure

its durability.

Where Do You Source the Wood?

We source our wood from multiple places. When possible we like to support our local hardwood store. We buy all of our more common hardwoods, like walnut, maple, and mahogany, from them.

When they're out of stock or we need exotic woods like bloodwood or ebony, we order from trusted suppliers online.

Are the Rings Waterproof?

Yes, the rings are waterproof. Not only does the epoxy resin help repel water, but our finishing process waterproofs the rings even further.

We do a triple layer of finish, and our finish bonds with the wood so it will never leave the ring. The finish also contains no solvents so it won't evaporate. Ultimately, we recommend taking the rings off when they'll be submerged in water for an extended period of time, but be at ease while you wear it and you wash your hands, do the dishes, or give the dog a bath, all while wearing the most stylish rings around.

Are the Rings Comfortable?

The rings are extremely comfortable! One of the remarks that we get we get often is that our customers often forget they're wearing a ring. Not only are the rings incredibly light, but they're sanded with 3000 Grit sandpaper. The result is a smooth, glasslike finish that's a delight to wear.