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"All good companies are founded on the basis of jealousy." - Teddy Roosevelt

Unfortunately, we made that quote up to feel better about ourselves. You see, our business was founded upon a tad bit of jealousy. When our founder, Brandon Loftis, first started hanging out with his now best friend Joe, Brandon couldn't help but notice all the fun Joe was having in his wood shop. Not only was Joe having fun doing what he loved, but he was making money by producing quality, handmade custom furniture.


A hobby that actually makes money? Brandon thought that maybe he could do that too! If it didn't make money, at least it would be a healthy exercise in productivity. Thinking back to his last experience with woodworking, Brandon remembered when he had made wooden pens out of cherry wood on a lathe. With that memory in mind, Brandon bought a lathe, the required tools, and some hardwood and started experimenting. Table legs, candlesticks, random rounded shapes. The thing about a lathe is that you're limited to rounded objects. With that parameter in mind, Brandon brainstormed some ideas of fun lathe projects that could possibly produce a little bit of income on the side. The idea that was most prominent: rings. So Brandon did what every budding entrepreneur has to do and he got to work.

It did not go well.

But Brandon was undeterred. He kept experimenting and thinking of new ways the rings may work. Many iterations later, Brandon finally produced his first successful ring. It wasn't great, but it was a start. Each ring has taught us something new. With years of experience crafting rings, we've learned a lot!

Over the years, we've mostly just sold to friends and family, but success within our personal network has made us take our rings to the world!


We hope you'll consider supporting a small business based in the USA. All of our rings are made in the heart of the midwest in Bismarck, North Dakota. Don't let yourself be roped into buying Chinese made, unoriginal rings, mass produced by sweatshop labor. Instead:

Buy ethical. Buy original. Buy Aviary.


You won't find our designs anywhere else. Consider wearing a one of kind ring produced by your friends here at Aviary Ring Co.

For questions or concerns, you can contact us here.